Podcast Prep

show format and questions

Founders Journey

Our dialogue will unfold in organized segments to provide a comprehensive narrative. We’ll initiate with a snapshot of your present status, delving into the current achievements and challenges. Following this, we’ll embark on a retrospective journey, tracing the milestones and pivotal moments both for you as an individual and for your company. This chronological exploration will connect the dots from inception to present, offering our listeners an in-depth understanding of the factors that shaped your journey. Along the way, we’ll highlight the lessons learned, the obstacles overcome, and the triumphs celebrated, ultimately crafting a vivid and inspiring picture of your journey for our audience.



- Give a 30-second pitch about your company
- Who is your target customer, why are they your target, and what are three key benefits you provide?
- Can you describe your company’s culture?


- What’s one mistake you wish you could redo?
- What unique challenges do you face in the education sector and how do you address them?
- What are three current trends that could either help or hinder your business?

All About You

-What are two or three defining life moments that led you to start this company?
- At what point did you realize you want to continue building this business?
- What are the top three things you’ve learned about yourself during this journey?

show format and questions

Familes Journey

Our discussion will unfold in a series of thoughtfully arranged segments to capture the full essence of your experience. We’ll commence with a glimpse into your current homeschooling world, exploring your daily routines, successes, and challenges. From there, we’ll rewind to the beginning of your homeschooling adventure, retracing the steps and decisions that led you to this path. This journey will allow us to weave together the various elements of your experience, shedding light on your motivations, strategies, and the evolution of your homeschooling approach. As we navigate through your story, we’ll uncover the unique experiences, insights, and wisdom that define your family’s educational journey, offering our listeners a rich and detailed perspective on the homeschooling lifestyle.

1. Why Homeschool

Initial Decision

  • What motivated you to start homeschooling?
  • Were there specific events or experiences that influenced your decision?

Expectations vs. Reality

  • How did your initial expectations of homeschooling compare to your actual experience?
  • What were some assumptions you had about homeschooling that turned out to be different?

Family Dynamics

  • How did your family adapt to the homeschooling lifestyle?
  • Can you share how homeschooling has affected your family relationships?

2. Learning Tools

Adapting to Learning Styles

  • How do you tailor your teaching to fit your children’s individual learning styles?
  • Have you encountered any learning challenges, and how did you address them?

3. Life Lessons

Advice for Others

  • What advice would you give to families considering homeschooling?
  • Is there anything you wish you had known before you started homeschooling?
cheerful mom and son looking at each other while sitting in bed near flowers on mothers day

Podcast Prep-Checklist

Good Internet Connection Essential for a smooth conversation. No one likes talking to a pixelated version of you!
Headphones To keep the audio crisp and clear. Plus, it’s your chance to show off those stylish noise-cancellers!
Good Lighting Let your bright ideas shine both metaphorically and literally.
Quiet Environment Unless your pet parrot has insightful thoughts to contribute, a quiet room is preferable.
Fully Charged Devices Because “Sorry, my laptop died” halfway through is not the cliffhanger we’re aiming for.
A Glass of Water For when your wisdom leaves you parched. Hydration is key!
Pen & Paper For old-school note-takers or doodlers. Bonus points for using a quill!
Sense of Humor Mandatory. Bring your best jokes or puns.
A Plant or Pet Cameo Who doesn’t love a surprise appearance by a furry friend or a well-nourished fern?
Your Favorite Mug Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Show off your personality with your choice of mug.
A Curiosity Quotient Be ready to ask and answer some intriguing questions.
Backup Internet Solution Just in case your primary internet decides to take an unscheduled break.
A Relaxed Attitude Breathe in, breathe out. It’s just a fun conversation (that potentially thousands will listen to, no pressure).